The Ascension Wars

The time before the Ascending Age

It started with the birth of Teitanos, son of Azrael and Tematra. They did not care for their spawns,
nor acknowledge what they were capable of.

Teitanos was repulsed by his birthgivers, but knew they were much to strong for him to take care of himself,
in any other case what would he do when they were gone? and so he waited.
For aeons it seemed until, the birth of Dethies and Darsina twinsisters and daughters of Denrali of many
Forms and Tematra the Endless.

Neither they were acknowledged by their lifegivers, Teitanos appeared before them, pleading his cause, but
though they harboured hate for their sires they had no fondness for Teitanos and only sought to themselves.
So Teitenos walked away alone again, much time
passed until a new one was born, he was the son of Sioux and Nemana and called himself Sequiox,
he had a grim aura but was honorable and just.

Teitanos feared approaching him, seeing as how he had been rejected before. But his hate had only grown through
times and so he approached this gastly persona and plead his cause.

Sequiox, baffled by his plea said these words "My fathers are what time has made them, give me the same and ask me then".
Teitanos accepted and walked away. Waiting for time to grow.

He returned to Sequiox ever so often with the same plea always getting the same answer.

Time grew old and bitter before Nemana once again gave birth, two beings of great stature even Nemana was shocked
when these creatures sprung from her womb. She gave them the names Kausoceon and Gaean, at first it seemed that
even Nemana was able to feel, but her smile turned foul as her children found happiness with Teitanos, she did as with
Sequiox and turned her back on them.

Teitanos glad to have Kausoceon and Gaean by his side plead to them about his cause to take their birthgiver lives.
The brother sat numb for a time then answered in choir a loud yes.

Teitanos brought with him the twins and once again walked up to Sequiox

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