Tematra Concept
Tematra Concept

Race: Primal God
Dominion: Time
Title: The Timeless One
Affiliation: The Primal Force
Alignment: Lawful Evil

The sapphire globe orbitting second closest to Azraelis, was once the firstborn son of Azrael and the first of the primal gods, he was given dominion of time and order. During the Ascension Wars the Titans fooled Tematra into chasing himself across the sky as a task that never ends, his energy running in circles around himself forming the globe that now illuminates the skies of Azraelis.


Pre Ascension Wars

Though non now living can truly know the appearance of any of the primal gods, the same is true for Tematra. However, he is often depicted as a gigantic persona, with skin as cragged as the mountains, a long beard entvined with his body and four arms that hold two pieces of cords stretched and crossed.

The coords he hold are known as the Tu'Vhan Tessai, the Faith Threads, the crossing signifying an event or an action taken between two parts in the vast span of time.

Post Ascension Wars

After the ascension wars in which he was trapped, he as his siblings form the four celestial bodies that orbit around Azraelis. Tematra is the brightest of them all and he lights up the day sky with his bright sapphiric shimmer. He orbits in a skewed elliptical shape, heating the western continent of Marck more than the eastern ones of Tharn and Karas.




Tematra has two sisters and one brother; Denrali, Nemana and Sioux in that order. With their mother they formed the Primal Force which ruled the Hie'da before our time.


He is the religious icon of many cults that worship the primal gods, but especially by the Timeweaver Cult which holds him as the highest deity. Most cults which worship the primal gods practice sacrificial rituals and generally the sacrifice for Tematra is a man of old age and great wisdom, sacrificed under the midday sky.

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