Stillshore Archons

Main Leader: Kainan Morne
Other Leader:


Formerly in union with the now Order of Tyrador, they were the Darkwater Wardens, a large military union which protected the human nations from the threat of Ohrim. However, differences in leadership split the group in half roughly 120 years ago soon after the latest Ohrim invasion that made them separate, forming the now Stillshore Archons.

They are a vast army set on defending the human nations by any means necessary from the Ohrim threat, they have since been in constant war with the Ohrim beings, a war which seems to have no end.


The Stillshore Arcons impose a regular military hierarchy, at its top stand the Supreme Temple-Lord Kainan Morne, under him are three advisory Temple-Lords that hold interest over different aspects of the faction. The Supreme Temple-Lord is not bound by any rules within the faction but is the highest legal voice, however he can, if not handling the affairs of the group in a manner that pleases the other Temple-Lords be overthrown without repercusions for the Temple-Lord in question.

They are a self-sustained faction that have no direct contact or trade-relation with any other, their recruits are men and women willing to give their life up for the cause and belief that they will one day achieve full victory over the Ohrim.

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