The followers and/or believers that see the Primal Force as the highest ruling power in the Hie'da
and follow the texts of Primadei Xases.
They define the Ascending Ones as demigod or even as low as heretics for ever proclaiming
themselves as being deities of higher power.

Primalists are motly situated in the continent Tharn as their highseat lies in Evitunia, were their
highpriest Vhanus continues waging war against the believers of the Ascending Ones.

Although they are concentrated in Tharn many Primalists live under cover all over Azraelis.
The mosts know being Senthir the Whitecloak that in 1600 AO conjured a rain of fire, calling
down many abyssal beasts in the northern parts of Illidion (Now known as Northlands) as a part of
a coupe to take the throne from the Solermus bloodline.

Although in the full it was unsuccessfull, the events resulted in the splitting of Illidion and
the end of one the the greatest royal bloodlines ever recorded in history.


Primalists exersice many sacrifices during the year, very well planned after the orbital cycling
of their respective gods.

The sacrificed person must match with the worshipped god.

Sioux of Death a man worthy of life, valor, heart and courage.

Denrali of Form a woman pure, of grace, curve and beauty everlasting.

Tematra of Time a man witted, aged and knowledge beyond all others.

Nemana of Occurance a woman curious, playful and limber above all else.

None other will suffice for our greater ones.
None other will dare spill blood upon Ohrim.
None other will face our lords.

- Primadei Xases 16:3

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