Once a state of Illidion until its independance at 1601 AO just after the solermus bloodline was shattered ( read more at Illidion ).
Caypruus is a vital part of the Grayling society and one of the holders of Ohrim together with Tenland and Aerisia.


Caypruus has since the beginning been ruled by the five priestesses of Kizutarami and are still concidered the most holy of personas in the Westmoore.
Each of the holders of Ohrim are countries ruled by priesthoods, no one knows what they really are but their rule is flawless and their actions divine.


Caypruus is a vast sandbelt, with small to no grasslands or vegetation at all. With the Kausus Sea to the east and the Idous Bay to the West it is very secluded which is very fitting for a country of such great religous beliefs, they hold no intrest in other people.
Even so they still manage to grow crops over the small fields of mound and all settlements are established by oases for water supplies.


Azraelis Map
Azraelis Map

Continent: Westmoore
Capitol: Aejsis
Official Language: Eldious
Ruling: Priesthood
Consolidation: 1601 AO
Union: Realm of Illidion
Religion: Azraelism

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