Ages are periods of time in which a great event took place, and since there has been no such great event in the Age of Order, nor any that we know of in the Primal Aeons they have not yet been split into two.

The known ages are:

The Primal Aeons
Ruled by: The Primal Force
Lasted: ∞ (no one knows)
The Ascending Age
Ruled by: In conflict, the age of the Ascension Wars
Lasted: 200 years
The Age of Order
Ruled by: The Ascending Ones
Lasted: Ongoing

Of the ages the Primal Age is the one that raises the most questions, were did the first Primal God Azrael come from, who gave birth to her?
Many myths have been born around this question all chronicled in the texts of the Firstborn.

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